Aircraft & Manufacturers
23 OCTOBER, 2017 Boeing and Mitsubishi Heavy Industries (MHI) have entered an agreement that ...
Airbus is yet to commit to a maiden flight date for its A330neo, but both engines have been fitted . ...
  Airlines business
Gulfstream delivered 30 business jets during the third quarter, one more unit than the same period . ...
Hãng hàng không Quốc gia Vietnam Airlines cho biết sẽ khai thác trở lại đường bay Hà Nội - Tuy Hoà . ...
  Airports - Infrastructure
09 NOVEMBER, 2017 Airbus delivered 22 A320neo-family aircraft in October, the largest number for a ...
Published on: September 5, 2017 By: Oleg Volkov Commercial aircraft currently in use by ...
  Capital & Insurance
by Gregory Polek - March 5, 2018, 3:55 PM
Leading Aviation Insurance Provider Offers Easy Access to Drone Insurance
Possessing a fleet ranging from wide-body aircraft to small jets and helicopters, we provide different methods of operating lease in order to fulfill customers’ needs including dry lease, wet lease, purchase & lease back...
We provide private aircraft purchase consulting and operation management services for organisations and individuals who want to own a private aircraft. Our services include:
- Aircraft Selection Consulting.
- Purchase Agreement Negotiation Support.
- Aircraft Delivery Services.
- Aircraft Operating Management Services.
- Financial Support.
- Aircraft Brokerage.
We provides a full range of operational and financial services, including short-term rentals, engine and equipment exchanges, operating leases (including purchase & leaseback), and other structured, long-term finance options.
Supporting customers in managing their assets, we provide solutions to help them operate the latter efficiently. Our service includes technical management for the aircraft, engines and other technical equipments. With a qualified technical team, we have expertise and resources to support customers in monitoring their assets and giving notices for scheduled and non-scheduled checks. We have a good net-work with international technical suppliers and manufactures to help customers connect with maintenance service providers worldwide.
 VALC News
On 19 Dec 2012, VALC successfully took delivery of the A321-231 aircraft with MSN 5418. This is the ...
Chi tiết
At 17:00 5th September, 2012 local time in Hamburg, Vietnam Aircraft Leasing Company (VALC)   ...
PRESS RELEASE  23-08-2012 11:12am
VALC delivered the first A321-200 to Vietnam Airlines.
Chi tiết
On November 5th, 2011, Vietnam Aircraft Leasing Company (VALC) took delivery of the EC155 B1 ...
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