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Tueday, 29/02/2020, 04:34:08 AM
VALC delivered the EC155B1 helicopter to VNH North
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On November 5th, 2011, Vietnam Aircraft Leasing Company (VALC) took delivery of the EC155 B1 helicopter from Eurocopter and then leased to VNH North (a subsidiary company of Vietnam Helicopter Corporation). The delivery and leasing ceremony of this helicopter has been organized at VNH North headquarter, Gia Lam Airport, Hanoi.

The EC155 B1 is one of the most modern helicopters in Vietnam. This helicopter was assembled by EUROCOPTER (an European Aeronautic Defense and Space Company branch specialized in helicopter manufacture) and applied advance technologies to automatic system, safety, anti-noise, wide and luxury cabin. Moreover, with the installation of 02 Turbomeca Arriel 2C2 turbine engines along with the Full Authority Digital Engine Controls (FADEC), EC155 B1 is optimized for operation in hard weather conditions and safety enhancement. Thanks to its power, the EC155 B1 can deliver a long range as well as the fastest cruising speed in its class. Its exceptional roominess, comfort, speed, endurance and effectiveness make this aircraft a truly versatile helicopter ideally suited for the widest range of missions.

“Besides the operation of leasing commercial aircraft such as A321-200, ATR72-500 to airlines, this is the first time VALC has expanded its business to the field of leasing helicopter” said to media, Mr Tran Long, President & CEO of VALC.

According to aviation specialists, the co-operation between VALC and VNH North (an operator with over 20 year experience in helicopter transportation) is an important milestone in Vietnamese aviation market which lays the ground for the development of helicopter transport market and helps meet the increasing passenger demand.

In recent years, VALC has been continuously enhancing its capacity in aircraft purchase and lease business, supporting the development of Vietnamese aviation sector. The company has been contributing to the increase ofVietnam owned aircrafts, reducing the dependence on international aircraft supply, and improving the integration and competition power of Vietnam in the international aviation market. To date, VALC has been implementing leasing aircraft projects of 08 Boeing B787, 10 Airbus A321-200, 05 ATR72-500 and 01 helicopter EC155 B1.


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